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Frequently asked questions and Help

If careful review does not answer your questions, contact Service@OnlineClinics.com. EMERGENCY?  Click for instructions.

* How do I register?

Patients and clinicians need to create an account online.

Clinicians: Register for FREE to create a new account.

Patients: Register for FREE with e-mail verification.  

* I registered, what next?

Patients: Login, enter Clinics Directory, locate a clinician. Use: Request Service to schedule, or Enter Chat to start scheduled chat service with your selected provider. Remember: Clinicians must first approve the Service Request via e-mail. Contact clinician directly if this does not happen.

Clinicians: Login, enter Manage Account and click on Purchase a Site to activate a web office. For FREE listing, only initial registration is required. To operate office: Login to edit or use. Use Manage Services in your account to handle service requests. Use Encrypt/Decrypt for secure e-mail. Use Enter Chat in web office or login in Manage service to initiate secure chat session. Read Instructions section in your account for more details. Remember to change status of new request to Scheduled and inform client of session ID, date and time. Login feature will show in Manage Service next to scheduled session after refresh is used, or upon new entry to account after logout.

* What services are available?

OnlineClinics brings healthcare online by providing Verified clinicians an Interactive Web Office. Clinicians make themselves available in the Clinics Directory to consult their clients online, over the telephone and/or schedule for the office. 

Not all clinicians offer the same services. Get details from your selected provider. Medical Library for self-education is FREE.

* How do patients get service?

Visit: Clinics Directory and enter to locate a clinician of your choice. Registered and Verified clinicians are listed by category. One time FREE registration is required from new user in order to make service requests. Clinicians offer services via secure chat, e-mail, over the telephone or in the office. See: Instructions.

To start, Register for FREE and/ or Login. After registeration, use Request Service on the clinician page to schedule, and use Enter Chat to start secure chat session. Remember: Your selected clinician must first approve, decline or ask to re-schedule the initial service request. Notices arrive via e-mail.

* How do clinicians become Registered or Verified members?

Clinics and clinicians are welcome to get FREE listing in the ClinicianDirectory and/or manage a Web Office. See: Registration.

* When is the clinic open?

OnlineClinics is always online. Visitors have full access to the interactive medical office of listed professionals at all times.  FREE library resources are also available for self-education at all times.

* What is the charge for this service?

Visitors and patients need to know that clinicians set service rates according to their profession, location and area of specialty. Patients can get details about specific service rates at the web page of the selected clinician. For patients, registration to open an account and schedule service is FREE.

Clinician who use the Interactive Medical Office have several options and features available to select from during registration.  Registerd members pay nothing for listing. Verified clinicians cover credentials verification, a low monthly (or annual) rent for the web office, and also for use of the various optional services, such as secure chat or processing of claims online. Secure e-mail for unlimited use is FREE.

* Will my insurance cover for online consultation?

The new CPT code 0074T  by the American Medical Association made online consultations recognized for insurance reimbursement starting July 2004.  Please check with your provider directly to find about their specific policy.

* How do I secure the privacy of communications and consuls?

OnlineClinics works to protect the privacy of users. See: Secure communications. Secure chat and e-mail encryption are integrated features. To use secure e-mail, login, go to encrypt/decrypt in account management. Request Service and Enter Chat features found on top left in the clinician web office are also secure. Use of features will require registration, creation of username and of password. User data is not shared and is for company use only. See Privacy Policy.

* Can I see my clinician in the office?

OnlineClinics encourages clients to consider in office service, as it may improve understanding of the issues and service outcome.



Clinics Directory: Find a clinician, clinic or psychologist

Online Counseling: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

OnlineClinics verified members honor ETHICS Code and HONcode.

OnlineClinics (TM) was created in 1999. Uptaded: Novebmer 3, 2011

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