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A. OnlineClinics.com DOES NOT share private customer data with advertising groups or third parties. We believe that a healthcare site needs to respect the privacy of users, members and visitors.

B. OnlineClinics ensures that secure communication is available to registered users.

C. To maximize user privacy, company does not keep medical records or content of consults.

D. Company follows an uncompromizing Spam Policy.

Privacy policy

1) Company adheres to existing healthcare regulations and respects the privacy of both registered Providers and Visitors. 

2) Visitors are informed about the possible limits of confidentiality regarding transmission and secure storage of healthcare records online. 

3) Visitors are asked to review Legal information and give consent before service is provided. More: Informed Consent.

4) Service and communications take place directly between Visitor and Provider. Visitors and providers are free to manage and/or safely keep the records of their communications. Company DOES NOT keep such records.

5) Company DOES NOT sell user information to commercial entities. This company policy is meant to maximize both Visitor and Account holder privacy.

6). Member and visitor's information is kept private, confidential and for internal company use only.

7) Company Verified members (Providers) are required to adhere to the recommendations of EthicsCode.com as well as to current state and professional board regulations.

8) Company requires from clinicians and recommends to visitors use of secure communications.

Secure chat and e-mail

Company offers members use of secure chat and secure e-mail features. Company does not keep record of the communications that take place directly between patients and clinicians. See and use these features after registration and/or login in account management.

Seure billing and data processing online

Company authorized entities use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and other protective measures to ensure the privacy of credit card orders, insurance claim information, etc., when these are processed online for our customers. 

Services by others

Every effort is made to use only reputable resources. Company can not be responsible for the service practices or privacy policies of other entities or suppliers of service. More information. Users are welcome to view policies of third party providers directly.




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OnlineClinics verified members honor ETHICS Code and HONcode.

OnlineClinics (TM) was created in 1999. Uptaded: Novebmer 3, 2011

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