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A. What is a Healthcare or Mental Health Emergency?

An emergency is a situation where risk to self or others exist.  Online counseling is insufficient in emergency situations. Use this site and links only as a referral source to a clinician who can see you in person for evaluation or treatment:

* If you experience a life threatening situation and/or if abused.

* If you have thoughts of hurting or killing yourself.

* If you have thoughts of hurting or killing another person.

* If you have a recent history of suicidal, violent or abusive behavior.

* If you hold what others may consider unrealistic beliefs (delusions).

* If you see or hear things that others don't (hallucinations).

* If you are currently addicted to, and/or abusing alcohol or drugs.

 Immediate Help:

1. In the office of your healthcare professional or a local crisis center.

2. At the emergency room of your local hospital.

3. By calling 911 (in the USA) and asking for immediate help.

4. By calling a hotline service, such as: 1-800-SUICIDE (USA).


Suicide Hotlines.  Crisis Resources.  More Resources.

Suspect child abuse? Report Child Abuse. Children can not wait.





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Online Counseling: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

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