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Informed Consent

Why get informed?

Clients need to fully understand the services they select, the terms and requirements. Review recommendations before use. See: About Service.

What is an Informed Consent form?

An Informed Consent form explains the services clients consider. Service price, modality, location, procedure, duration and frequency should be specified. Benefits, risks or alternatives are explained, and instructions for emergencies provided. 

When/if requested, please return the Informed Consent form to your selected provider or confirm via e-mail that you have read, understood and accept it.

About service providers

Service takes place directly between the client and selected clinician. OnlineClinics itself DOES NOT provide professional healthcare services. Clinicians self-manage their web office, billing and practice policies directly. 

Service terms and cost

Clinics and clinicians self-manage their web office directly. Each professional and organization may thus have different terms, depending on their services, specific area of specialty, or office location. Ask provider for deatils.

Quality assurance 

To assure quality of service, OnlineClinics requires Verification of credentials from all providers who wish to self-manage a web office. Clinicians are obligated to follow the recommendations of EthicsCode.com. See also: Legal.

Online counseling and in-office treatment

Please note that healthcare service online is NOT recommended for emergency, life- threatening, physical abuse or crisis situations, where in-office care is the better alternative. See: EMERGENCIES.

Getting started

Read all sections in: Instructions. Then, enter: Clinician Directory.




Clinics Directory: Find a clinician, clinic or psychologist

Online Counseling: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

OnlineClinics verified members honor ETHICS Code and HONcode.

OnlineClinics (TM) was created in 1999. Uptaded: Novebmer 3, 2011

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